Some of this may seem very obvious......... saves time if the forms are filled in correctly.


Carefully remove all entry forms from the centre of the syllabus (if using the printed version)


Decide on the classes you wish to enter and choose the correct entry form.


Check any RULES and regulations concerning the classes you wish to enter.


Enter the numbers of the classes in NUMERICAL ORDER and the correct entry fee.  PLEASE WRITE NEATLY


Write the NAME of the participant for each class and their AGE as of September 1st 2019.


If you are making entries for more classes than there are spaces on the form please use  the CONTINUATION FORM.


Add up the ENTRY FEES and put the TOTAL at the bottom of the column.


Fill in your NAME & ADDRESS at the bottom of the form, READ the statement and SIGN the form. Make sure you do this or your entry will be returned.


If you are making entries for DANCE be sure to complete the REQUEST for CHANGING ROOM ACCESS. This information is essential.


Write a CHEQUE for the total amount of the entry fees. Remember to sign and date your cheque.


If any of the classes require a DEPOSIT please write a SEPARATE CHEQUE and put the class number (numbers) on the reverse of the cheque with the name of the participant. This cheque will be returned after the Festival if the competitor has taken part.


Make sure you include TWO stamped- addressed envelopes, one for your receipt and one for the competitors' tickets. Where possible, please send Dance entries separately from Music and Speech.


Send your entries to:-  the Hon. Entry Secretary, 70, KINGS AVENUE, EASTBOURNE. BN21 2PD


If you are taking part in Dance and /or Speech and /or Music classes please attach a note to each entry form detailing the numbers of the other classes. This will help us avoid any clashes of timing.


If a ticket is required for a PIANO ACCOMPANIST in any of the Choral Singing, Solo Singing, or Instrumental classes please indicate this on the entry form. Please give the name of the piano accompanist if known.


If you have not received your receipt of entries within three weeks of posting, please contact the Festival Secretary on 01323 729013


DANCE GROUPS. Please list the age of the YOUNGEST and OLDEST dancer in each group.  A complete list of dancers in each group will be required before the Festival with named chaperones. This ensures we have the name of every child taking part in the Festival.


Read through your entry form to check that you have entered your information correctly.


Please make sure you have put stamps on all your envelopes.

Finally, send your completed entry form to the ENTRY SECRETARY, 70,KINGS AVENUE, EASTBOURNE, EAST SUSSEX. BN21 2PD


Send your entry form to the Festival Office well before the closing date! Spaces are limited.